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About Us

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Our Approach

The American Capital Consulting Team is comprised of consultants and experts from some of the leading financial and project management organizations. Working in conjunction with American Capital analyst develops funding strategies on behalf of our clients to minimize costs, maximize value, and optimize the financial, accounting, and tax implications associated with complex transactions.

Our Story

The team is comprised of seasoned consultants whose backgrounds combine tenure with business and financial consulting firms with real-world corporate real estate, project management, business development leadership experience. Our analyst focus on improving cash-flow for our clients and protect their assets.

Meet the Team

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John l. Lewis

General Manager

20 Year Commercial, Residential, Auto Financing and Underwriting
Strong background in marketing, business development, and management.


Van E. Staggs Jr.

Client Relationship Manager

20 year Commercial Lending and Small business consulting

Thomas Clark

Office Manager

20 years experienced loan processing and office management

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