Church Loans

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Basic Financing Qualifications

Loan Amount

The Amount to be financed cannot exceed three and one half (3.5) times the Churches last full fiscal years Gross ” Plate Income”*** OR 75% of the Appraisal Value, whichever is the lesser of the two.

*** What is Plate Income? Income that consist of the total of titles, offerings, building fund and general donations etc.

Minimum Church Income

A Minimum Last Fiscal Year ” Plate Income of $75,000 AND at least 75 WEEKLY ATTENDEES are required to qualify for the minimum financing amount of $100,00, and in addition financing will not exceed 75% of the current Appraised Value of the completed Church. (Including any planned remodeling construction, construction, additions etc.) FOR PURCHASES FINANCING WILL NOT EXCEED 75% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE.


Net Income

Net Income (last fiscal year) from an affiliated now operating day care center, kindergarten, church school, church senior centers etc can be included along with with the last fiscal year ” Gross Plate Income” to qualify .

Financial Documentation

American Capital Funds required the last three years and year to date of current years’ financial data indicating revenue and expense breakdown, assets and liabilities etc for underwriting, and to confirm adequate ” cash flow” for debt service. If the existing financial data to be submitted for underwriting is not in GAAP format prepared by an independent CPA it will be a closing requirement.