Loan Broker Fees

Due Diligence Fee

Commercial Processing fee or “due diligence fee” will be required after receipt of the Letter of Intent to Fund (LOI). The fee is non-refundable and in the amount of one percent of the loan. No Doc loans Processing Fee is required upfront and is non-refundable.

Broker Fee

Our Standard broker Fee is 3.25% to 6.25% of the loan amount.
+.25 additional for all Hard Money Loans

Transaction Consulting

Our Transaction and Deal Structuring Consulting Fee will be based on deal by deal basis. We reserve the right to provide clients with a quote for this non-refundable service. Clients are not obligated to use American Capital to secure final funding with this service.

Short Term Loan Fee

No Credit Score, 24 Hour funding after approval. Broker Fee 7.25% paid by partner lender.

Strategic Funding Consulting

Working in conjunction with American Capital analyst develops funding strategies on behalf of our clients to minimize costs, maximize value, and optimize the financial, accounting, and tax implications associated with complex real estate transactions. We provide strategic planning and scenario development across a range of alternatives, addressing operating and funding considerations to develop the optimum real estate strategy aligned with each client’s defined business objectives.
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