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SBA Eligibility

General Eligibility

Two years in business
For-profit business
Proceeds: Working Capital, Debt Refinance, New Equipment Purchase, Business and Real Estate Acquisition
Individuals owning 20% or more of business cannot work for SBA or have criminal background
Individuals owning 20% or more business must be US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident


All individuals owning 20% or more of business
Good Personal Credit
Loans $30K-$150K: Minimum Personal FICO of 600 Loans over $150K: Minimum Personal FICO of 675

Business Credit Score (Liquid Credit)

150 or greater

Public Records search for business owners

No bankruptcy in past 3 years
No foreclosure in past 3 years
No open tax liens

Business Cash Flow

Use most recent business tax return and up-to-date business debt schedule


Net Profit or Loss
+ Interest Expense
+ Depreciation Expense
+ Amortization Expense
+ Officer Compensation

Debt Ratio

Current Annual Business
Debt Payments (Principal and Interest)*
+ SmartBiz Annual Payments
Ratio of Business Cash Flow to Debt Payments: Should be at least 1.00 (min. is 1.15 for loans > $150K)

Loan Calculator


Estimated Monthly Payments



Estimated Monthly Payments