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Broker Partner Program

We welcome commercial loan brokers, business brokers and startup brokerage firms.

Our program is based on the principal of empowering brokers to become successful and establish a strategic partnership with American Capital Funds Group. Our goal is to become your funding solution source enabling you to focus on client relationship and customer service.

We provide your with deal structuring consulting that allows you to maximize your client relationship and provide solid expertise in achieving their financial goals.


  • Your Firm
  • AC

1% Permanent Commission Structure

1% point based on loan amount of commercial loans. Other services will not apply. 

High Commission Structure

We provide you with the highest commission on your first 3 deals submitted under this program. Starter (1st Loan 50%) (2nd Loan 40%) (3rd Loan 40%) . Based on American Capital Funds total brokering fees.

We Support Your Firms Growth

We value your business relationship and work with your firm to grow your financial solution marketing.

Standard Fee Arrangement

Once you have a completed our starter program with your first 3 loans. Our partner will have the opportunity to earn 1% of the loan amount with American Capital Funds going forward.

Download W-9 Form and sign
Upload with your application-(Required)
Once approved, we will email you our partner agreement and Mutual NDA for your signature.

Program Requirements


Our program is designed to enhance the customer service and client relationship by providing the partner the opportunity to focus on the clients needs during the services process with American Capital Funds Group. The means that partners will be required to respond to clients in a timely manner, be available to answering questions regarding their services, collect the necessary information required by American Capital Funds Group. Be ready and available to respond to any issue that my impact their client during our process.

Our agreement is simple, fulfill these basic requirements and keep your client happy. Respond to our Request for client information in a timely manner and accurately represent American Capital Funds programs and services.

  • taking information from the borrower and filling out the application;
  • educating the prospective client in the American Capital Funds services, service fees and financing process, advising the client about the different types of American Capital Funds partner products, and demonstrating how closing costs and monthly payments would vary under each loan approval;
  • collecting financial information (tax returns, bank statements) and other related documents that are part of the application process;
  • maintaining regular contact with the client, realtors and American Capital Funds, between application and closing to apprise them of the status of the application and to gather any additional information as needed;

  • Accept Partner Terms and Conditions
  • Sign Partner Agreement
  • Sign and Complete W-9
  • Have A Legal Business Entity
  • Have Errors & Omission Insurance

Referral and Broker Program

f you’re an up-and-coming commercial mortgage or business broker, it’s about time you ask yourself these questions:

Could easier access to lending options help get me more clients?
Am I getting all of the credit I deserve for the work I do?
Is there a better situation than the one I’m currently in?
We here at American Capital Funds Group LLC are happy to tell you that the answer to each of those questions is a resounding YES!

Opportunities for Independent Brokers

At American Capital Funding Group, we help numerous independent brokers secure financing for their clients every year. If you’ve been frustrated by your lack of funding options, we invite you to allow your clients access to our network of lenders. Not only will they find the funds that they need in order to secure their transactions, but you’ll enjoy the benefit of the best referral rates in the industry. Should your client’s come to us again for financing options, we’ll be sure to send them back your way to help structure their deals.

We Want You!

Aside from collaborating with independent brokers, our Referral and Broker Program also provides opportunities for individuals to come and be a part of our team. If you happen to be looking for a new opportunity within the financial industry, we can provide you with that. When you choose to work with us, you’ll benefit from the association with some of the most highly-respected minds in the business. Those networking opportunities will not only help to develop your skills as a broker, but they’ll also help you to build notoriety within the industry. On top of all that, we offer some of the best benefits and commissions you’ll find with any commercial brokerage financial firm.


We help you develop a strong collaboration marketing campaign to enhance your client engagement and we grow together.



We assist you in thinking outside the box and develop the basic financial principals to understanding commercial finance and deal structuring.